Muggle Quidditch Craft

Many muggle quidditch players, teams, and leagues invest time and energy into making, building, and creatively crafting their quidditch equipment, supplies, and uniforms, adding another layer of connection between muggle quidditch and informal arts/DIY craft. The web is full of instructions for constructing homemade quidditch supplies (including from recycled materials). See “How to make your own Quidditch broom out of yard waste” (Blog post, 2009) or “How to make a golden snitch” (Youtube video, 2010)

Many of the most elaborate DIY equipment and uniforms in Muggle Quidditch–including capes, brooms, hats/head adornments, and fans’ character costumes–appear at major tournaments, such as the game’s World Cup. See a video of the 2008 Quidditch World Cup at Middlebury College, VT here).

While the UO Muggle Quidditch team isn’t heavily crafts-based, team organizer Charmaine Ng spoke with us about how the team constructs its handmade, makeshift goal posts for scrimmages (which conform to official rules/dimensions). For one goalpost, a PVC pipe is stuck into a bucket of concrete, with a second pipe attached to the first (fits inside) and a hula-hoop attached to the top with zip ties. See video clips on this blog site or the team’s public Facebook photos for images of goalposts in action.

Charmaine mentioned that while other teams might use wood bases and other pricier materials for goalposts and equipment construction,  the UO group keeps things cheap simple since most of the participants, being college students, can’t or don’t care to spend too much money. The primary investment and concern of  UO team members and fans seems to be time and fun.


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